Welcome to Lisa Marie's portfolio!

I love creating! Making fun and attractive documents to make a business owner's life easier is very satisfying. Creating documents can be a lengthy process and can eat up several hours of a business owner's day and this is where I come in like a fairy of time-saving proportions!

A workbook can take well over a couple of hours to create:

  • Creating a template
  • Adding in all the juicy bits
  • Finding photos & icons

  • And all the editing (both minor and major)
  • To a finished product.

Workbooks help you deliver your message, teachings, and information in a way that allows the reader to engage and learn about the topics you are offering.

They can range from a couple of pages to well over 100+ pages and help support your course curriculum with the valuable information you have to share with your clients & students.

Slide decks share your knowledge and information in bite-sized pieces in point form presentation.

By adding photos, icons, and video you can share your content in fun and exciting ways to keep your client/students engaged.


Social media is BIG business, BUT creating graphics on a regular basis eats at your working hours and cuts out creative space for the big projects.

Outsourcing or buying templates can really support you and give you back the missed hours on this very important task.

Planners are a great way to support you and your business every day!

Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly are the four main ways to divide your time up between personal, business, and self-care.

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This is were I share all of my uncategorized work.